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Bible Study

We hope for all to know that we take regular study in God's Word very seriously at Grace. Its no joke or cliche to say that this is literally "food for the soul." Our continued growth in the Christian faith needs ample time to be a part of the Word and doing that with your fellow Christians is a wholesome way to do this.

Grace in the Word

During the year of 2012 we encouraged all members and friends of Grace to be in God's Word. We are doing this through a program we call "Grace in the Word". We wish to have everyone read several portions of Scripture each day beginning January 1, 2012 and by December 31st to have read through the entire Bible. A daily reading plan will be published in all of our print media as well as online. A facebook group has also been started as a place for people to comment and discuss and share their readings as they go along. Please not the following links to help you get started:

Sunday Morning

Beginning in January we will be offering two new studies to help us grow in 2012. One geared especially for men called Courageous Fathers of the Bible and one geared solely for women called Bad Girls of the Bible. You can read more about these studies as well as the studies we recently completed on the Sunday Morning studies page.

Truth Project

This fall on Tuesday mornings, Kathy Simmons is leading a small group Bible Study through The Truth Project. Hopefully, many of you have heard what an amazing success the Truth Project was here in the Fall of 2010 and we wish to repeat this again in 2011. The Truth Project is a 12-week DVD study to help Christians understand and develop a Biblical worldview. (find out more at If you would like to attend Kathy's session of the Truth Project please plan to attend on Tuesdays at 10am.

The Bethel Series

This fall on Wednesday evenings Pastor Schultz is leading The Bethel Series. This class meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm and is a most friendly small group to be a part of. They will be working through the New Testament Lessons this fall.

Women's Small Groups

Currently we have a women's small group Bible Study meeting Monday afternoons here at the church. In the fall we will also have a women's small group meeting Saturday morning at Panera. Please see the Women's Studies page for more information on times, leaders, and topics.

Thursday Morning Study

Every Thursday morning from September thru May we have a Bible Study group that meets from 9:30am to near 11am. This is an open group and people are welcome to come and go as they please. This group varies in topics throughout the year and recently has studied a video-series on the Challenge of Islam.

Adult Confirmation

If you would like to learn more about Adult confirmation at Grace please visit the Adult Confirmation page. This typically takes place as a part of our Adult Information Class which is beginning in September.

High School Studies

The High School Prime Time Study meets every Monday evening at 8:00pm. There is also a High School study on Sunday mornings during the Bible Study hour at 9:15am. A great way to learn more about these studies and the High School Youth Group is to see the Youth page or check out the group on facebook at Grace Lutheran Church Youth.

Weekday School (3rd-8th)

Weekday School is our offering at Grace for those kids of our congregation who don't regularly attend one of the Lutheran Grade Schools. Because our congregation does not provide a school of its own to provide proper Christian education for grades K-8 we supplement with this class. It meets on Wednesday evening's at 5:30pm. This class is also a part of our regular Youth Confirmation Program. Please continue on to the Weekday School page to learn more. Weekday School starts September 7.