Advent Devotions 2021

The Lutheran pastors of our Monroe area circuit have joined together to produce a series of devotions for this Advent season of 2021. Each devotion is written based upon one of our beloved Advent or Christmas hymns. The devotions are of an easy to read length and perfect for your daily routine even during this busy time of year. We've titled this series "Songs of the Kings of Kings!"

They are free and all you have to do is download and enjoy. You are welcome to print the devotional booklet on your home computer if you wish. It will print in booklet form on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. All you need is Microsoft Word and a printer. If you are unable to view them or print them at home we will have a small amount of booklets printed in the church office.

Devotion Download link:

Advent Devotions 2021 (Word Doc)