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Youth Groups

Grace has three active youth groups for kids 3rd grade and up. We see it as vitally important to minister to the young people of our congregation and beyond our walls. The groups are intended to give kids a Christ-centered means of fellowship with other kids as well as joyful and enriching activities to share together. The youth program as a whole at Grace is administered and led by our Youth Ministry Leader, Sarah Witte. If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact Sarah through the church office.

IMPACT (High School Group)

IMPACT is led by Sarah Witte. They have several times for Bible Study on a regular basis and also have monthly activities planned. This is a great haven for young adults going through these very difficult teen years. In the summers there are also bigger activities such as Youth Gatherings and Servant Events that this group participates in.

Super Youth

The Super Youth is the group for 6th to 8th graders. They meet the 2nd Friday of every month for fellowship time and often have other activities planned as well.

Mighty Youth

The Mighty Youth is the group for 3rd to 5th graders. They meet the 4th Sunday of every month for fellowship time together.

Youth Education

Weekday School

Weekday School is our offering at Grace for those kids of our congregation who don't regularly attend one of the Lutheran Grade Schools. Because our congregation does not provide a school of its own to provide proper Christian education for grades K-8 we supplement with this class. It meets on Wednesday evening's at 5:30pm. This class is also a part of our regular Youth Confirmation Program.


Our Young Adult Confirmation program is an extension of the Weekday School program. Currently our confirmation program is a 2-year program beginning with the 7th graders which takes the students through the Catechism covering the Basics of the Christian Faith. Emphasis is given on being able to apply this faith to their lives. The confirmation students are taught to see the Christian faith as being their own and not just their "parents' faith".

Vacation Bible School

Every summer at Grace Vacation Bible School is offered the week after the Monroe County Fair. It is an exciting week for the many dozens of kids who participate as well as the adult and young adult volunteers who are there to help and serve. We especially encourage kids to bring friends and to invite their neighbors to attend. Every year we find at least 50% of attendees aren't even members at Grace and we are thankful for all of them!

Lutheran Schools

Though we do not have a school of our own at Grace we do very highly value Lutheran Education. We think it is a vital part of a young person's growth to have Christ as the focal point. A Biblical worldview is being lost on far too many in our society (even Christians!) and this is absolutely important that are young people are raised upon good foundations.

We wish to link you to the Lutheran Schools in our community which many of our own kids have attended:

Lutheran High School South
8210 N. Telegraph Road, Newport, MI 48166

Trinity Lutheran School
323 Scott Street, Monroe, MI 48161

Holy Ghost Lutheran School
3563 Heiss Road, Monroe, MI 48162