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Bible Handbook Lessons

7th and 8th grade families: Below is the list of Bible Handbook Lessons available for completion. 10 Lessons need to be completed during the 7th grade year and another 10 to be completed during the 8th grade year. Which lessons you complete is up to each student and family. Each lesson is intended to be done with student and parent(s) together. We anticipate no more than an hour of reading and work for each lesson.

You can view and download the lessons from the website here or you can e-mail Pastor Witte and request him to print them for you. Pastor is always happy to have handouts ready for you when he sees you next.

If you choose to view and download the lessons here: It will open a Google Docs page with the lesson on it. On that page you will see an icon to print it from your browser. You will also see a drop-down menu named "File". In that menu it will give you the option to download this as a Word Document. Choose one of these options and it should work for you.

Pastor Witte's e-mail:

Lesson List